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January 16, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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Worldwide unit shipments for wireless power receivers and transmitters are forecast to grow to around 2 billion units shipped in 2023. With the technology already achieving mainstream adoption in the mobile phone market, the scope of its application is expected to follow suit in other applications, such as laptops, tablets, wearables, medical devices, industrial and also automotive sectors very quickly.

With over 9 years of experience in covering the wireless power market, the IHS Markit Wireless Power Market Tracker combines the full view of these opportunities across wide range of applications/sectors and product segments, into a single product, including consumer, medical, wearables, robots and drones, industrial, automotive and also public places deployments. Dedicated market research and focused interviews with more than 60 companies within the industry help shape detailed market forecasts by application, while the consumer survey (conducted in 2017) provides the voice of the end-users.

Wireless Power Market Tracker, is a quarterly tracker. Out of 25–30 odd application sectors/product segments which we currently cover, aside of updating the total worldwide wireless power market, every quarter we conduct a deep-dive detailed analysis and market update of 4–5 applications selected for that respective quarter. Each quarterly deliverable contains 2-year historical trends;10-year annual forecast; key market trends; analysis and insights; market drivers and barriers; technology trends and wireless power solutions. Quarterly deliverables includes Excel-based output tables and a report in PDF format.


  • Receivers, Transmitters
  • Unit shipments, Revenues, Average Selling Price (ASP)
  • Module ASP by technology, substrate, structure, structure subcategory, and size
  • Share by technology – Coupled (low-frequency, high-frequency, Multi-frequency); Uncoupled; and Combined (multi-mode) systems
  • Share by power ratings – 0W-5W, 5-15W, >15W and higher power ratings for automotive sectors

Applications/Sector Coverage – Receivers (Rx) & Transmitters (Tx)

  • Automotive – Electric Vehicles
  • Automotive – In-cabin (Tx)
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Mobile PCs – Laptops/Notebook PCs/Netbooks
  • PC peripherals
  • Wearables – smart watches, sports, health and fitness/activity trackers, wireless headphones/earphones, smart glasses, smart clothing and other wearables
  • Medical devices – Hearing-aids, Consumer Medical Devices (CMDs), Clinical Care Devices (CGMs & ECG Monitors), other medical devices
  • Home appliances - Small kitchen appliances, personal care appliances
  • Power tools
  • Home peripherals
  • Multi-device chargers
  • Service Robots and Drones – domestic and professional service robots, consumer & professional drones
  • Industrial – Slip-rings, AGVs
  • Public places – Airports & Transport, Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Integrated – Furniture (Tx), Desktop/Mobile PCs (Tx), other consumer devices (Tx),

Michael Markides

Associate Director, Smart Utilities Infrastructure

Michael Markides is an associate director at IHS, in charge of managing market research efforts for the power & energy Group. The group reviews electronics markets within each utility type, providing annual market research studies to utility vendors worldwide.

Victoria Fodale

Senior Analyst, Power Supply Intelligence Service

Victoria Fodale is a senior market analyst for power semiconductors in the Semiconductor team at IHS. Victoria has been an Industry and Market Intelligence Analyst for various organizations for the last 10 years...

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