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March 12, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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Compiled by IHS Markit worldwide group of industry experts, this market share database tool enables users who are interested in the global semiconductor industry to extract data and perform their own analysis across more than 131 product segments. Also available is the ability to extract a comprehensive view of 274 companies' performances.

The Competitive Landscaping Tool (CLT)™ is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel database that provides detailed coverage of the worldwide semiconductor market by company, product category, application market, and region. Users can set up their own data parameters and extract data exactly as they want to see it in user-friendly pivot tables.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What was the overall size of the semiconductor market?
  • How did individual product segments perform?
  • In which geography did sales grow the most?
  • Were there regional differences in company performances?
  • What were the product strengths of specific companies?

Applicable To

  • Purchasing: Purchasing managers
  • Suppliers / Distributors: Marketing managers, Semiconductor vendors
  • Investment community: Financial analysts, Market research analysts

Ron Ellwanger

Senior Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Ron Ellwanger has focused his research within the global semiconductor industry. This entails researching all major fabless, pure play foundry, and IDM semiconductor companies. The research is utilized in numerous IHS quarterly semiconductor manufacturing publications.

Shaun Teevens

Analyst, Semiconductor Supply Chain

Shaun Teevens has focused his research on the semiconductor industry and its global supply chain network. This entails tracking all major fabless, pure play foundry and IDM semiconductor companies. His research is utilized in numerous IHS Markit semiconductor manufacturing publications and reports every quarter. He is involved in consulting work, and interfaces with major players from the semiconductor industry on a regular basis.

Research by Market
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