IoT Platforms Scorecard - 2017

November 21, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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This scorecard examines the vendor landscape for providers of merchant Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs), a subset of the larger Internet of Things (IoT) platform market. The report first provides graphical analysis of ten key merchant CMP vendors: (in alphabetical order) Aeris, Cisco Jasper, Comarch, Ericsson, HPE, Huawei, KORE, Stream Technologies, and ZTE.

Next, the report briefly assess the changing merchant CMP vendor landscape, focusing on the rise of key challengers to the two traditional market leaders (Cisco Jasper and Ericsson), the impact of China on the overall IoT market, and the increasing importance of dual CMP/application enablement platform (AEP) strategies on the part of the merchant CMP vendor community.

The third key section of the report consists of a detailed discussion of each of the five major sets of criteria used to score the merchant CMP vendors named above. These five sets are: Technological Innovation, System Interconnectivity, Ecosystem Development, Market Momentum, and Customer Experience.

Finally, the report describes the methodology used to develop this scorecard in detail. Research for this report was conducted from April through August of 2017 and consisted of: primary research interviews with the vendors in question, secondary research, and a survey of enterprise end users of merchant CMPs.

Sam Lucero

Senior Principal Analyst, IoT Platforms

Sam Lucero is a seasoned industry analyst with over 16 years of experience analyzing telecommunications and networking technology markets. His current area of research focus centers on the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms market.

Jenalea Howell

Research Director, IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities

Jenalea Howell is the Research Director of the IoT Connectivity and Smart Cities team within IHS Technology with a major focus on industrial IoT. She has more than eight years of research and consulting experience covering industrial automation markets with a narrowing focus on energy efficiency, industrial IoT and smart manufacturing before joining the IT & Networking team in early 2016.

Julian Watson

Senior Principal Analyst, IoT

Julian Watson is the senior principal analyst of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity research at IHS Markit. He is responsible for analyzing IoT technologies, applications and business models.

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