LED Market Share Database - 2017

July 31, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Jamie Fox Jamie Fox Principal Analyst, LEDs
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This file of market share data contains annual Packaged LED revenue from 2007 to 2016 for top suppliers, and company revenue for 2016 by application, region and type. The file also explains how Packaged LED revenue is calculated from company fiscal LED revenue so the difference between the two is clear. The file also contains quarterly revenue from Q1’14 to Q1’17. While many companies gave data to IHS Markit to support this research, often companies gave approximate figures or commented on estimates rather than giving data to the nearest $1 million. The precise figures shown here should be considered an estimation by IHS Markit.

This file acts as a companion to the Packaged LEDs report PDF published last week (under analysis), and can be used in conjunction with Chapters 1 (definitions) and 5 (market shares). This year is the first time this file has been published. Much of the data here was already included in the Packaged LED report however, however this format allows for ease of data analysis and adds more historical data.

Jamie Fox

Principal Analyst, LEDs

Jamie Fox is a principal analyst and is focused on the markets for LEDs and other optoelectronic components. Based in the UK, he is the lead analyst for...

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