MWC 2017: Smartphone & Mobile Hardware Analysis -“The eve of the smartphone storm”

March 09, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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Mobile World Congress 2017 was again the event for companies like LG and Sony to show off their flagship devices. This year, however, MWC was as interesting for what was not launched, as for what was unveiled. Key OEMs chose not to launch flagship smartphone models because of chipset availability. Another hightlight of this year's 2017 is the re-launch of the BlackBerry and Nokia brands.

List of tables and charts:

  • LG smartphone forecast
  • Featurephone shipments
  • Nokia share of combined featurephone/smartphone intalled base, October 2016
  • Share of all mobile handset shipments
  • Huawei smartphone forecast
  • BlackBerry smartphone forecast
  • OPPO smartphone shipments
  • Sony Smartphone Forecast
  • Samsung tablet shipment forecast

Number of pages: 51

Number of tables and charts: 9

Gerrit Schneemann

Sr Research Analyst, Smartphone

Gerrit Schneemann has been following the location based services and applications market for the last six years. As part of the Portables & LBS service, he has followed the rise and decline of the portable navigation device (PND) market and is now focusing on how location has become an integral part of the mobile value chain.

Jusy Hong

Research and Analysis Director, Smartphone

Jusy Hong is responsible for mobile device, networks and media in the Asia Pacific. He covers mobile handset shipment, production, technology, & media trends as well as companies' strategies.

Wayne Lam

Principal Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks

Wayne Lam is principal analyst within the wireless communications team and is responsible for research related to the market tracking, forecast and supply chain analysis of mobilized devices.

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