Consumer & DIY Video Surveillance Report - 2016

December 01, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Jim Dearing Jim Dearing Senior Analyst, Access Control & Fire
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The Consumer and DIY market includes all video surveillance equipment sold through the retail sales channel either in-store or online. This latest edition of the research aims to measure the size of the market and judge what are the best opportunities currently available. IHS Markit provides highly granular data, segmenting the global market by product type, system type, camera type, end-user and route to market. All data will be presented globally and for the USA, Rest of Americas, EMEA, and Asian regions. Global and regional company market share estimates will be provided for the overall market and a number of system type segmentations.


This comprehensive study also explores the impact of new technologies, market entrants, smart home connectivity, VSaaS and ranks the key retailers of consumer video surveillance equipment.

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction, Scope and Methodology

1.0       Introduction    

1.1       Report contents

1.2       Scope 

1.2.1    Geographic scope

1.2.2    Equipment definitions

1.2.3    End-user definitions

1.2.4    Sales channel definitions

1.3       Methodology  

1.3.1    Information sources

1.3.2    Data reporting

1.3.3    Forecasting methodology

1.4       Exchange rates


Chapter 2 – Market Statistics and Factors Affecting Growth

2.0       Introduction

2.1       Factors affecting growth the consumer and DIY video surveillance market

2.2       The world market for consumer and DIY video surveillance equipment      

2.3       Geographic region

2.3.1    The United States

2.3.2    The Rest of Americas

2.3.3    EMEA

2.3.4    Asia

2.4       System type   

2.4.1    Analog and HD CCTV bundles

2.4.2    Standalone network cameras

2.4.3    Network bundles

2.4.4    Portable integrated monitor systems

2.5       Product type  

2.5.1    Camera type  

2.5.2    Camera connectivity 

2.6       End-user type


Chapter 3 – The Residential and SMB Market for Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

3.0       Introduction    

3.1       VSaaS solutions

3.2       Impact on the consumer and DIY video surveillance market


Chapter 4 – The Competitive Environment

4.0       Introduction

4.1       The supplier base

4.2       Market shares


Chapter 5 – Analysis of Key Retailers

4.0       Introduction    

4.1       The route to market for consumer and DIY video surveillance equipment  

4.2       Revenue share estimates for retailers of consumer and DIY video surveillance equipment


Appendix 1 – Supplementary Trends Information          

Appendix 2 – Economic Outlook    

Jim Dearing

Senior Analyst, Access Control & Fire

Jim Dearing is an IHS market senior analyst specializing in security and building technologies with a heavy emphasis on intrusion, access control, residential security and the smart home.

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