Networking & Connectivity as Enablers of Smart Manufacturing Webinar - 2016

October 21, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Nitin Sharma Nitin Sharma Analyst, Manufacturing Technology
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Networking and connectivity of devices is one of the underlying enablers of Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0. This includes networking of automation and machinery but also other platforms and production systems, such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. To date, fieldbus protocols are prevalent in manufacturing but companies are moving to Ethernet as it supports simpler integration between the field and enterprise levels and provides greater bandwidth. This webinar includes industrial automation networking adoption & trends and discusses the importance of Networking and Connectivity in enabling Smart Manufacturing. It further discusses OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) as enablers of Smart Manufacturing.

Nitin Sharma

Analyst, Manufacturing Technology

Nitin Sharma is an analyst within the IHS Technology group. As a part of the Manufacturing Technology group, Nitin covers industrial communications, smart manufacturing and 3D printing.

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