Since its debut in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has been one of the most talked about devices on the planet. As it does every year, Apple released a new generation of iPhones: the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And we've got it covered.

IHS Markit Technology’s unique breadth of analysis, teardowns and cost benchmarking offers the most comprehensive insights into the ever-evolving smartphone ecosystem.
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The iPhone 7 costs more to make, but Apple’s margin remains high
Andrew Rassweiler

Apple spent more than ever before to make the iPhone 7, but the company still enjoys higher “hardware...
  Apple takes risks with iPhone 7 & Apple Watch to return to smartphone growth
Ian Fogg

Apple needs the iPhone 7 to be a major success because it is the main driver of growth for the whole...
  Apple’s iPhone 7 Launch Brings New Audio Products, Attempting to Capture Greater Share of Accessories Market in Face of Declining Sales
Paul Erickson

Apple’s September 7th keynote introduced the...
Apple AirPods - the sensors perspective
Marwan Boustany

Along with the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 2 and the iPhone 7 (minus a 3.5mm port), Apple announced its new wireless...
  Apple's new wireless audio processor is based on familiar technology
Lee Ratliff

This week, Apple once again transfixed the tech world with a product announcement event, this time centered on the iPhone 7 and...
  Spotify extends lead over Apple Music
Jack Kent

Spotify has extended its lead in the on-demand music market reaching a total of 39m paying subscriptions at the end of...
Mobile Location Intelligence Update: With iOS 10 Apple continues steady progress in Map improvements
Gerrit Schneemann

With iOS 10 Apple is releasing the latest version of Maps, its own mapping and navigation application. With the update, Apple continues...
  Years in the Making, Intel modem chip finally returns to iPhone
Wayne Lam

After months, if not years, of whispers about a significant LTE thin modem design win, Intel’s 3rd generation XMM7360 CAT-9 modem was...

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iPhone 7 Materials Costs Higher than Previous Versions,
IHS Markit Teardown Reveals

Wayne Lam, Andrew Rassweiler

The bill of materials (BOM) for an iPhone 7 equipped with
32 gigabytes (GB) of NAND flash memory carries $219.80
in bill of materials costs, according to...


Teardown - Apple iPhone 7 (A1778)

September 19, 2016
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Teardown - Apple iPhone 7 Plus

November 11, 2016
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Teardown - Apple AirPods

April 5, 2017
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Apple iPhone 7 (A1778) Exploded View


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