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France physical video finalized for 2015, forecasts updated to 2019

April 11, 2016  | Subscribers Only

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  • Overall physical market declined by 14.7% in 2015 to €680.2 million ($772.1m) from €797.9 million ($905.8m)
  • Market spending share on Blu-ray Disc was 24.4% of total in 2015, up from 23.6% a year ago
  • Overall market will continue to decline by an average 14.5% per year up to 2019 reaching €363.1 million ($412.3m)  and is not predicted to plateau


The fourth quarter saw the market in 2015 change direction from what was reported earlier in the year; a lower number of units were sold but total consumer spending was higher. The strong performance of the final quarter is primarily explained by the surge in popularity of legacy titles of the Star Wars franchise, fuelled by the release of the new instalment in the series and strong marketing campaign conducted by The Walt Disney Company. While both forms of physical media benefited from this development, consumers showed a preference for Blu-ray Disc format, resulting in higher consumer spending per unit sold for the wider disc market.

In 2015 total physical video sales in France fell to 45.7 million units from 51.2 million, an annual decline of 10.8%. Total consumer spending saw a steeper decline of 14.7% to €680.2 million ($772.1 m) from €797.9 million ($905.8m).

The average unit price for physical discs continued to decline, decreasing by 4.5% in 2015, and faster for DVD (-6.8%) than for Blu-ray Disc (-1.7%). The DVD and Blu-ray Disc markets both saw similar decline in unit sales of 10.9% and 10.1% respectively in 2015. However, consumer spending for DVD fell much faster by 15.6% to €514.3 million ($583.8m) from €609.7 million ($692.5m) while for Blu-ray Disc only by 11.9% to €165.9 million ($188.3m) from €188.2 million ($213.7m). The share of market spending on Blu-ray in 2015 was therefore 24.4% of total up from 23.6% a year ago.

Throughout the forecast period of 2016-2019, the physical video market will decline annually by 14.5% on average. The consumer spending on DVD is expected to decline annually by -14.6% on average, and for Blu-ray Disc similarly by -14.4% annually, resulting in €273.9 million ($311.8 million) and €89.2 million ($101.5 million) spending respectively by the end of 2019.

Throughout the forecast period, the DVD medium is expected see a stronger decline than Blu-ray Disc in terms of unit sales, with a 13.5% average annual decline for DVD and 11.7% for Blu-ray. Average prices for the Blu-ray Disc format will decline by 3.0% a year on average, in contrast to DVD, which will remain relatively stable from 2017, and throughout the forecast period will decline by only 1.2% a year on average.

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