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Sensata shrinks pressure sensors for advanced brakes

February 23, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Richard Dixon, PhD Richard Dixon, PhD Senior Principal Analyst, MEMS & Sensors

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Sensata has developed a new series of pressure sensors for use in next-generation brake systems for hybrid, electric, and conventional vehicles. The device—based on the company’s micro-fused strain gage or MSG technology—features a smaller package to allow multiple sensors to be added to existing brake modules for no form factor change. The Extra-small Form Factor (XFF) has been available since the beginning of 2016.

The device weighs under 5 grams and has a diameter of less than 7.8 mm and height of than 30 mm, including its spring contact system. The XFF employs a modular port design to accommodate a wide-range of system pressures and comes with fault-detection circuitry targeting the functional safety requirements associated with ISO26262. Sensata's device provides analog and digital integrated pressure and temperature signal conditioning over an operating temperature of -40° to 140° C. According to the company, the sensor also suits integrated brake modules that eliminate the vacuum booster. 

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