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CES 2016: Drone innovations

January 19, 2016

Robbie Galoso Robbie Galoso Associate Director and Principal Analyst, Industrial Semiconductors

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  • Drone “follow me” feature, where the drone locks onto you and flies anywhere you go
  • 360-degree selfie
  • Object avoidance powered by Intel’s RealSense or its sense-and-avoid technology which enable depth perception so drones can detect and avoid obstacles.
  • Qualcomm’s solution is its real-time vision built into their Snapdragon program
  • In the consumer drone industry, Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is king. DJI currently commands 75% of the drone market, with its high end Phantom and Inspire drone series powered by Ambarella processors. It also sales its drone at $699-799, with production cost of $250, giving it a massive 70% product margin
  • But another Chinese company has suddenly emerged as a major competitor, Yuneec. Last August 2015 after announcing a $60 million funding round from Intel, Yuneec is set to announce its first professional quality drone aimed at aerial photographers. The $4,999 Tornado H920 will allow up to 42 minutes of flight time – nearly unheard of in the drone industry. The Tornado comes just months after Yuneec’s first foray into drones with the lower-priced Typhoon model aimed more at hobbyists.
  • Mr. Krzanich Intel CEO, said drones have many potential uses including delivering packages and inspecting disaster sites. “We’ve got drones on our road map that are going to truly change the world and revolutionize the industry,” he added

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