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CES 2016: Transparent displays await future killer applications

January 19, 2016

Ken Park Ken Park Research and Analysis Director, TV, Consumer Electronics and Devices

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The smart home sees a future of greater connectivity with smart devices, smart TVs, smart home appliances and digital signage sharing information with family members and providing video streaming anywhere in-home under the Smart of Things promotion at CES2016:

  • The smart TV is focusing more on OS platforms and easier access to content.
  • A refrigerator equipped with a 21.5” LCD on door is able to access to internet and share video streaming with a smart TV.
  • A wall cabinet decorated with a transparent showcase display.
  • The kitchen has a touch sensor capable electronic heater that heats based on an internet-based recipe. 

The digital signage industry has been seeking opportunities for a long time in the B2B market and in commercial segments like schools, governments, transportations and retails.  The global economic downturn has had a significant impacted on commercial digital signage market.  However, the Smart Home can provide an opportunity for digital signage markets focused on B2C or B2C end-users. Transparent displays are a nice feature but the usage applications are not well developed yet. Window boxes, vending machines and coolers were targeted for commercial purposes only. However, the Panasonic showcase furniture with a transparent display and Samsung’s refrigerator with a normal LCD display shown below could work well in a consumer market. Transparent displays could bring more potential growth in the near future.  

Panasonic booth and Samsung booth

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