Each year CES provides an opportunity for companies to place their products and services in the spotlight hoping to capture the attention, interest and, most importantly, purchases of their targeted customers. Coverage of a show this large with this many hot topics is a challenge. Fortunately, IHS deployed nearly 40 analysts from around the world to Las Vegas in order to capture the most comprehensive coverage possible. Coming out of the show, IHS has captured some of the key highlights and insights from our analyst team to share in a series of Analyst Insights.
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As our customers use their searchlights to seek out the next important market opportunity, product, service, trend, technology, etc. coming out of CES 2016 they will find highly valuable highlights and analysis delivered in over 30 analyst insights.  Technology sectors covered in these insights include: 

  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Displays
  • Televisions and Displays
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Smartphones, Tablets and Other Mobile Devices
  • Smart Home and Consumer Electronics
  • Drones
  • Semiconductors. 

Time invested in reading and studying the insights shared by the IHS analyst team from CES 2016 will certainly deliver rewards to the readers!

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Automotive Technology

Building blocks for autonomous driving ready for platform development
Mark Boyadjis

Whether hardware or software, CES 2016 illustrated that the building blocks to realizing the autonomous car are here. While no one company showed an entirely autonomous, production-ready...


UX becomes the differentiator, not just technology
Mark Boyadjis

Technologies across the board were shown or developed for enhancing the automotive user experience. This spanned safety tech, infotainment, connectivity, or even CPUs and GPUs... 


Qualcomm jumps from smartphone wireless charging to Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC)
Dale Ford

Qualcomm generated excitement in the electric vehicle segment with its new Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology. Qualcomm has played a key role in the standards and...

Audi pushes hard on electrification
Mark Boyadjis

In the press conference, Scott Keogh, President of Audi of America, stated that in 10 years, 25% of Audi’s business in the US will have a plug, and they will develop their battery packs in-house...


Connected Car 2.0
Mark Boyadjis

Now that most vehicles have some degree of connectivity (either built-in or brought-in) automakers are now looking to advance the connectivity of their devices with other IoT...

Automotive Displays

Curved AMOLED displays coming to cars in 2018
Mark Boyadjis

Just last year, most experts in this space were still skeptical that automotive-grade AMOLEDs could hit the market by 2018, but several suppliers and a couple of OEMs have mentioned this will happen in...


The steady trend to larger displays in cars
Terry Yu

Automotive turned out to be one of the most popular areas of focus at CES 2016. Many automotive brands and tier ones attended this show and demonstrated their latest products...



Televisions and Displays

TV features advance as Chinese companies expand presence
Hisakazu Torii

Chinese brands, not only the traditional six major brands of Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Konka, Skyworth, and TCL but also emerging brands such as LeTV, continue to expand their presence and size of their booths...


OLED at a tipping point for consumer electronics devices
David Hsieh

The exciting demonstrations from CES 2016 are the design-free and flexible features of OLED, which gives OLED great potential in creating different and innovative applications, rather than just competing with LCD...


OLED and Oxide trend to be premium model in notebook
Peter Su

The exciting demonstrations from CES 2016 saw companies choosing either OLED with its slim form factor and the fastest response time or Oxide technology with its power savings with high resolution...

Chinese brands are expanding in overseas markets
Bing Zhang

IHS saw major Chinese TV makers show their strength as they presented a higher profile than at previous shows, including the top six Chinese TV brands, professional OEM/ODMs and newcomers like LeTV...


Power Consumption: the hidden horror of UHD?
Paul Gray

The TV industry appears to be ignoring the consequences of its drive to UHD products. This has multiple aspects: UHD panels are inherently less efficient as they have less light transmission...


Lowdown on High Dynamic Range
Paul Gagnon

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, was easily the most talked about new technology for TVs at CES 2016. HDR is a technique developed in the photography world for capturing images at a wider range of exposures to...


Cord-cutting fears go global with Netflix launch
Ben Keen

In the style of Steve Jobs’ legendary “one more thing”, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings ‘dropped a bomb’ at the end of his CES keynote. He announced that, during his 60-minute presentation, the pioneering Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD)...


Netflix moves to 130 countries: will this increase the UHD TV forecast?
Paul Gray

Netflix’s bold move to launch 130 countries was probably the biggest accelerant of UHD at CES. The most severe obstacle to UHD TV sets’ value has been content scarcity...




Low-Power wireless landscape gets more competitive – Both wide-area and short-range
John Byrne, Josh Builta, Lee Ratliff, Bill Morelli

As enterprises look to deploy IoT applications, one major decision to be made is what network to deploy on. Traditional 3GPP network operators are in search of solutions that can help extend the lives of current 2G solutions...





Smartphone, Tablets and other Mobile Devices

Chinese OEMs lead with “feeds and speeds” in flagship device launches
Wayne Lam

While CES 2016 was not notable for major new smartphone launches, a pair of Chinese OEMs took the opportunity to release flagship devices at the show. First, and most prominent, was LeTV with their Max Pro featuring the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset...


US wireless carriers end device subsidies opening up market opportunities for mid-range and open channel OEM players
Wayne Lam

With all four major US carriers announcing an end to 2-year contracts and device subsidies, smartphone financing and sales will likely undergo a transformational change which will invariably move the US smartphone...


Fingerprint biometrics hits affordability sweet spot for mass adoption
Wayne Lam

As anticipated, the new must-have feature of 2016 that all smartphone OEMs will aspire to add to their product line up is fingerprint sensors. While fingerprint sensors have now penetrated into the Android ecosystem with the latest release of...

Inductive wireless charging devices will reach more hands in 2016
Jonathan Liao

Wireless charging technology has been in the hands of early adopters for several years now but failed to make it into the hands of the masses. But that changed last year. During CES 2016, AirFuel and WPC set up booths...


Premium and profitability focus of CES offerings
Rhoda Alexander

Slate tablets took a back seat at CES 2016, as vendors put the spotlight on premium products incorporating the best of tablet and notebook design elements and Windows 10. The diverse mix of ultrathin clamshells, 2-in-1s, and ever more...


Innovation struggles to drive spending on electronics/technology
Dale Ford

In forecasts of electronics equipment revenue growth and semiconductor revenue growth IHS Technology has projected negative growth in the near term and low single digit growth in outer years up to 2019...

Smart Home and Consumer Electronics

A de-brief on the home appliance market
Dinesh Kithany

Based on what was presented at CES 2016, it could be argued that the term ‘Internet of everyThing (IoT)’ should be changed to ‘Internet In Everything (IiE)’ as companies are getting crazier putting internet into every product they get hands on...


Smart home fragmentation to continue
Blake Kozak

Despite the plethora of smart home announcements at CES this year, the long term future of this new industry remains an enigma. Although IHS forecasts the North American market for smart home devices to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of...


Transparent displays await future killer applications
Ken Park

The smart home sees a future of greater connectivity with smart devices, smart TVs, smart home appliances and digital signage sharing information with family members and providing video streaming anywhere...

Multi-room audio continues to grow at CES: The future appears to be Google vs. Sonos
Paul Erickson

Though the wireless speaker category is dominated by Bluetooth speakers, multi-room speakers are a subcategory rapidly growing in interest and importance. For many CE manufacturers, multi-room speaker systems are higher-priced products seen as...






Drone market sees consumer adoption and uncertainty
Brian O’Rourke

The drone market was on full display at CES. The Unmanned Systems Marketplace in South Hall featured 27 exhibitors this year...


Drone innovations
Robbie Galoso

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased more drones than ever before. IHS analyst highlights some of the newest drone innovations including object avoidance and "follow me" feature...




Innovations in trigger locks
Robbie Galoso

The Identilock is a biometric gun lock that requires a user to touch a fingerprint reader before granting access to the firearm’s trigger. It’s an alternative to gun safes, which are expensive and impede access to a firearm when there’s an emergency...


Smart helmet with Intel RealSense built-in and Core M chip
Robbie Galoso

Augmented reality company Daqri uses Intel’s latest processor and camera technology. Daqri's helmet is powered by Intel's M7 chip and RealSense. Intel showed off a kind of X-ray vision by...


AMBA H2 delivers low power image processing
Robbie Galoso

Ambarella’s first 14nm chip: 4K Ultra HD H.265/HEVC video at 60 frames per second. Ambarella’s SOCs produce better quality video than what most microcontrollers or applications processors can, says Chris Day VP Marketing at Ambarella...

New components to extend wearable endurance
Brad Shaffer

Companies introduced ICs at CES to improve the user experience and battery life of mid-range wearables such as smart watches, activity trackers or health monitors. Toshiba and MediaTek announced new platforms focused on low power wearables and based on ARM Cortex M4 processors...


Welcome the dawn of immersive media
Tom Hackenberg

Today, one class of fantasy-to-real-world emerging technology innovations includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and similar developments that can be collectively called “Immersive Media”. CES 2016 highlighted that 2016 will be the dawn of the commercialization of Immersive Media...




Innovation struggles to drive spending on electronics/technology
Dale Ford

In forecasts of electronics equipment revenue growth and semiconductor revenue growth IHS Technology has projected negative growth in the near term and low single digit growth in outer years up to 2019...


Does your state support innovation?
Dale Ford

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), continues to advance its agenda to support growth and development in the technology sector. To this end, a billboard positioned in one of the main lobbies was eye catching. It announced the creation of...

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