Handsets & Smartphones Market Monitor - Q3 2015

Huawei Growth Underlines Samsung's Weaknesses

January 15, 2016  | Subscribers Only

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The handset market stumbled in Q3 on the back of weakness in the Chinese market. Apple continued its strong performance while Huawei consolidated its grip on the number three position in the market. Non-smartphone devices upset the recent market trend with growth in the quarter. 

The Handsets & Smartphones Market Monitor report examines the results of Q3 and examines the major trends in the handset and smartphone market.


  • Handset shipments increased 6.3% in Q3, despite flat smartphone shipments
  • The average selling price of a handset grew by more than $20 from the previous life
  • Excluding Apple however, the average selling price of a handset fell 5%
  • iOS 9 had a more succesful launch than iOS 8 with significantly quicker uptake 
List of tables and charts:
  • Handset shipments by OEM
  • Handset revenue by OEM
  • Smartphone percentage of overall handset shipments
  • Samsung market share
  • Samsung quarterly handset shipments
  • Samsung average selling price
  • Apple quarterly handset shipments
  • Apple quarterly growth
  • Apple average selling price
  • Other developed market OEMs shipments
  • Android OEMs average selling prices
  • Major Chinese OEM shipments
  • Chinese OEM average selling prices
  • Domestic focused Chinese OEM shipments
  • Share of branded Chinese smartphone shipments
  • Microsoft quarterly shipments
  • Non-smartphone shipments
  • Microsoft average selling prices
  • Micromax shipments
  • Smartphone market concentration
  • Android version adoption
  • iOS version adoption
  • Concentration (HHI) of different versions of Android and iOS
  • Screen sizes for smartphone releases
  • Screen to bezel ratio
  • Screen to bezel ratio by screen size
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Number of Tables and Charts: 26

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