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Connected health at the inception of the hockey stick

November 13, 2015

Roeen Roashan Roeen Roashan Senior Analyst, Healthcare Technology
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This year at the mHealth Summit, there was a pronounced change in the perception of technology in healthcare. Focus has shifted from mobile healthcare to the broader concept of connected health. For technology vendors, this has resulted in greater consideration of the Internet of Medical Things, and for healthcare providers a heavy focus on population health management.

Efforts and attitudes towards technology in healthcare have become increasingly clinically focused, with short-term horizons and realistic goals. One example seen at the show was from Qualcomm with their vision for intelligent care across the complete patient-care pathway. Chief Medical Officer and VP of Qualcomm Life, James Mault, presented the company's efforts over the past years with the 2net Platform, highlighting 2016 as a pivotal year for the Internet of medical things. With its acquisition of Capsule, the company has closed the loop on integrated care across both acute and ambulatory settings, embedding connectivity in the patient experience in both  the home and the hospital. Dr. Mault started his keynote stating that connected health is finally at the inception of the hockey stick growth profile, and provided a number of interesting facts, such as the 1.5 million daily device uploads from the 2net user base.

Widespread acceptance of connected health platforms is not without its challenges with many med-tech providers struggling to reach early majority adoption. The concept is new for many and uptake is currently restricted to a small proportion of early adopters. However, initiatives that are currently available or in development for 2016, from device manufacturers, providers, and payers are expected to reach scale and increase the adoption rate for connected health over the next one to three years.

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