Telecom Analytics Platform Vendor Leadership Analysis - 2015

December 30, 2015  | Subscribers Only

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The Telecom Analytics Platform Vendor Leadership Analysis profiles and analyzes the leading vendors' approaches to and overall activities in the telecom analytics market, in order to understand how suppliers are approaching this emerging opportunity and gauge the most likely market winners as the market matures. This leadership analysis service examines vendors from a number of categories, including the following: OSS/BSS, enterprise analytics, system integrators, DPI and probe, and network equipment suppliers.

This analysis will help:
  • Service Providers in the process of developing their analytics strategies, providing them with a better understanding of where various suppliers are coming from and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Vendors offering or looking to offer analytics solutions that want to better understand the competitive environment and how to differentiate themselves
  • Systems integrators and professional services companies: Like vendors, these players want to better understand the competitive environment, particularly if operators' analytics strategies come down to a build versus buy decision, as well as understand how various vendors are approaching the market in order to identify potential partnership opportunities
Vendor Profiles
Vendor profiles will include revenue assurance vendors; enterprise analytics vendors with telecom-specific offerings; BSS/OSS suppliers; network equipment providers; and network intelligence firms. Vendors profiled will offer analytics solutions that support source data beyond that generated by their own systems, and decisions on which vendors to profile will be based on feedback from operators. Each profile includes the following information about the provider:
  • Description and analysis of each vendor's solution
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each vendor
  • Markets addressed by each vendor
  • Customer base and target customers
  • Product and delivery strategy
  • Service provider feedback, as appropriate

Research by Market
Mobile & Telecom
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