Mobile Insights Trilogy : LTE Carrier Aggregation

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  • Francis Sideco Vice President, Technology, Analytics & Performance Benchmarking, IHS Markit
    Francis Sideco, a vice president at IHS Markit, leads Technology Analytics and Performance Benchmarking.
#1: Carrier Aggregation: Making the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Five years after the initial commercial launch of Long Term Evolution, the latest 4th generation cellular technology supporting fully mobile connectivity from devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is clear that consumer demand for faster and lower latency connectivity is far from satiated...

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#2: Carrier Aggregation: Adoption Running on all Cylinders

While some still see CA as being early in its adoption cycle primarily in the lower levels of CA such as 2x10MHz enabling Cat4 support, many will be surprised to learn of the scale and advanced state in which CA is already present in the market. This misalignment between perception and reality has created an opportunity for industry participants willing and/or able to accelerate their CA strategies…

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#3: Carrier Aggregation: Nowhere to Go but Up!

Up until now, this series has focused primarily on the downlink side of carrier aggregation (CA)-It is now time for us as an industry to start thinking about the uplink and how we can improve performance to address these requirements now and into the future…

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