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December 24, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Andrew Rassweiler Andrew Rassweiler Senior Director, Cost Benchmarking Services
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The Component Price Landscape (CPL) is a quarterly service that uniquely provides manufacturer part number (MPN)-level benchmark and forecast pricing for 38,260 MPNs, representing over 330,000+ form, fit, or function MPNs. The MPNs in CPL are high-volume, multi-sourced electronic components used in a wide variety of electronic devices.

Two types of price points are provided:

  • Global contract sourcing from APAC pricing data comes from "real" contract purchasers of components
  • Franchise distribution pricing representing  the “lowest” price found from searchable franchise distribution

CPL price points provide a unique and valuable perspective on forecasted pricing trends and real price ranges customer can expect to pay depending on their purchasing capabilities.


  • Four-quarter historical pricing
  • Four-quarter price forecast
  • 220 part type categories (Click here for part type coverage)
  • 38,260 manufacturer part numbers
  • Represents 330,000+ form, fit, or function manufacturer part numbers
  • Commodity level price trends with categories and taxonomy structure sourced directly from IHS Markit BOM Intelligence
  • Pricing represents global contract sourcing from APAC and lowest distributor price found online.
  • Rolling 12 month High/Low Distributor price per MPN displayed as well.
  • Lead time and supplier flexibility at part-type level
  • Annual subscription includes 4 calendar quarter updates (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1) 

Key Issues Addressed

  • Are my component costs in line with current and forecast benchmark pricing?
  • What are the benchmarking price trends over time at a commodity level?
  • I need an efficient  way to benchmark my components are within the range of  the lowest Distributor price and contract benchmark price?

Applicable To

  • OEMS: Procurement, Market Research
  • Component Manufacturers: Marketing, Product Management
  • ODMs/EMS: Strategic Purchasing
  • Financial Community

Andrew Rassweiler

Senior Director, Cost Benchmarking Services

Andrew Rassweiler manages the cost benchmarking services at IHS, which includes the teardown service as well as Component Price Trackerâ„¢, and Component Health Watchâ„¢ services.

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