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UK Drives Innovation and Growth in European Advertising Market – New IHS Report

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Online ad spend per capita higher than Germany, France and Russia; Online expected to overtake TV ad spend in Europe

LONDON, UK (13 July 2015) – IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced additional findings from its joint report AdEx Benchmark 2014: European Online Advertising Expenditure, with the IAB.

“When we look at the European advertising sector as a whole, the UK is the trend setter” said Eleni Marouli, senior advertising analyst at IHS Technology. “What is successful there trickles down to the rest of Europe.”

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In 2014, the UK spent €8.9 billion on online advertising, including Display, Paid-for-Search, Classifieds and Directories. In terms of spending per capita, advertisers in the UK spend two times more than their counterparts in France and Germany, three times more than the European average and 11 times more than advertisers in Russia.

Total online advertising spend has been rapidly rising in Europe since 2006. “Display and Mobile are driving growth and have pushed the total value of the European market above €30 billion,” said Daniel Knapp, director of advertising research at IHS Technology. “Advertisers are adapting to consumer trends and as more Europeans rely on their mobiles, the more we are likely to see the sector evolve towards personalized ads.

Mobile consolidated its positon as a key driver of display and search advertising, according to the report. In 2014, 17.8 percent of online display advertising was generated on mobile. For the first time, mobile accounted for more of online display ad spend than video. “Mobile plays the most important role in catalyzing display growth,” Marouli said.

About the IHS & IAB Europe AdEx Report

The data has been compiled by IAB Europe based on information provided by the national IAB offices around Europe. It is then processed and analysed by IHS Technology. The report includes market size and value information for the full membership of IAB Europe in 2014 including Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The data represents the calendar year 2014 January- December. This is the ninth AdEx Benchmark Report which began in the calendar year 2006.

Top 10 Markets in Terms of Online Spend in 2014 (€ billion)

  1. UK: 8.9
  2. Germany: 5.4
  3. France: 3.7
  4. Italy: 1.9
  5. Russia: 1.8
  6. Netherlands: 1.5
  7. Sweden: 1.0
  8. Spain: 1.0
  9. Denmark: 0.7
  10. Norway: 0.7

Three Markets with Highest Growth in 2014 (percent)

  1. Slovenia 43.1
  2. Ireland: 33.3
  3. Belarus: 32.8


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