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Growing focus on medical digitalization driving growth in the Chinese healthcare IT market

July 07, 2015

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At the recent 2015 Health Industry Summit (tHIS) one trend was evident. China is accelerating towards the golden age for medical digitalization. Benjamin Niu, medical electronics and healthcare IT analyst for IHS, forecasts that in 2016, the total investment on medical digitalization will come to 34 billion RMD fueling expansion and implementation of healthcare IT systems in China.

“There were a high number of healthcare IT vendors exhibiting at tHIS this year. In addition, the majority of medical imaging suppliers are now showcasing their own imaging IT platforms’ commented Niu. Furthermore, in recent years the Chinese government has been supporting development in this area. Following the new round of medical reform, the 12th Five Year Plan outlined a new scheme for Healthcare IT, the 3521 project. This directive focused on the construction of healthcare IT systems in grass-root healthcare institutions in addition to other legislation and guidelines for the public.

However, IHS believes that the peak of this market is yet to come. At a regional level, there are many indicators that there is an increasing focus on the use of healthcare IT platforms. In the healthcare IT space, electronic medical records, internet of things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud technology are all hot topics in the Chinese market.

The development of regional healthcare IT platforms is expected to be a key driver in this market. The purpose of the regional healthcare IT platforms is to set up regional healthcare databases which can be easily managed and used to improve management of chronic & epidemic diseases. In addition, regional IT system will avoid information being restricted to large hospitals and build up a wider network of smaller healthcare practices to further relieve the stress of tier 3 hospitals and better balance the medical resources in China.

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