Top publisher revenues up 39% in 2014: Mobile Games Market Monitor H2 2014

June 10, 2015  | Subscribers Only

Jack Kent Jack Kent Director, Media and Advertising
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Finland’s Supercell overtook competitors Candy Crush publisher King and Puzzles & Dragons developer GungHo to reach the top overall spot. US-based Machine Zone, publisher of the hit title, Game of War, was one of the fastest growing mobile publishers in 2014. It hasn’t reported revenues but IHS estimates it is generating around $1bn annual revenues putting it in the tier of major mobile games companies.

In this report:

  • Reported mobile games revenue
  • Asia – Pacific drives growth
  • Mixi is fastest growing in Q4
  • Tencent growth slows and ARPU falls
  • International growth boost CJE&M in Q4
  • Mixi closes gap on Gung Ho
  • Record year for Glu Mobile
  • Gameloft struggles for monetisation success
  • Supercell, King and Machine Zone benefit
  • Strong revenue growth and platform expansion for Line

List of tables and charts:

  • World: mobile games revenues by region ($m)
  • World: mobile games revenues by store/platform ($m)
  • Reported mobile games company revenues by HQ ($m)
  • Reported mobile games related revenues ($m)
  • Reported mobile games company revenues by HQ ($m)
  • Selected mobile games related revenues ($m)
  • Tencent: mobile games revenues ($m) and WeChat MAUs (m)
  • Kalends: mobile games revenues ($m)
  • Tencent: monthly social/mobile games ARPU ($)
  • CJE&M: domestic and overseas mobile games revenues (KRWm)
  • Selected S. Korean publishers’ revenues ($m)
  • Selected S. Korean publishers international revenues (%)
  • Selected Japanese publishers’ revenues ($m)
  • DeNa: revenues by business line ($m)
  • DeNa and GREE: mobile games related revenues ($m)
  • Selected Western publishers’ revenues ($m)
  • EA Mobile, Gameloft, Glu: revenues ($m)
  • EA Mobile, Gameloft, Glu: Monthly Active Users (m)
  • Glu Mobile revenues by platform ($m)
  • King: monthly and daily active users (m)
  • King and Supercell: annual mobile revenues ($m)
  • Kakao mobile games revenues and Line company revenues ($m)
  • Line and Kakao: monthly active users (m)
  • Kakao: domestic and international monthly active users (m)

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Number of charts and tables: 24

Jack Kent

Director, Media and Advertising

Jack Kent leads IHS Markit’s Media and Advertising research, heading up a team of analysts covering Games, Cinema, TV Channels & Programming, Home Entertainment and Advertising research.

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