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May 05, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Deborah Yang Deborah Yang Director, Display Supply Chain
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The IHS TV Display Supply Chain Tracker offers a comprehensive view on supply chain dynamics for TV Displays. In this tracker, updated monthly and quarterly, the term “supply chain” indicates the relationships among three parties: TV panel makers, TV OEM/ODM subcontract manufacturers and TV brands. IHS reports the volume relationships of these three parties with the comprehensive strategic and analytical insights of the LCD TV industry dynamics in panels, OEMs and brands as well as market trends, product designs and feature trends,covering key supply chain participants.  The tracker provides historical, current and future trends and supply chain insights in panel suppliers vs. panel purchasers, and TV brands vs. TV OEMs.  The business plans of the TV panel makers, TV OEM/ODM makers and TV brands are important elements in this report.

Monthly deliverables in the tracker focus on providing one month results along with three month short-term forecasts, while quarterly deliverables focus on comprehensive past quarter supply chain results with a one year outlook composed of business plans that panel makers maintain. The tracker also includes monthly and quarterly written analysis along with the databases. 

Deborah Yang

Director, Display Supply Chain

Ms. Deborah Yang is a Director within the IHS Technology group. She joined IHS in November 2014, when IHS acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market. At DisplaySearch, she served as director of Taiwan and China display market research.

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