Machine-safety in factory automation: Major factors affecting adoption

Machine-safety in factory automation: Major factors affecting adoption
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This whitepaper has been written by IHS to discuss some of the key factors affecting machine-safety and its adoption in factory automation. Overcoming some of the hurdles and utilising some of the drivers is a key to the success of machine-safety across industrial automation.

There are many factors which could affect the overall adoption of safety in factory automation, they include:

Factors Key Points
Safety for performance
  • Safety is becoming paramount for improving factory performance
  • Embedded safety has the potential to decrease machine stop time
  • There is also the potential to have machines operating safely while operators interact with them, reducing downtime
Solutions or components
  • Components are often implemented as separate systems
  • Components lead the market today, but there is a move to solutions
  • The method of implementation for safety is increasing in complexity, driving solutions rather than components
  • Embedded solutions offer more diagnostics, simpler wiring, and reduced safety distances beyond the current safety standards
  • Safety solutions can boost the reputation of the end users and the OEMs
Safe networking
  • Initial concern about intrinsic safety levels with industrial Ethernet
  • Users often prefer not to combine existing networks with safety networks when cost is an issue and solutions aren’t embedded
  • Embedded safety networking is used when machine complexity and performance are a higher priority
  • Ability to assist in boosting factory performance
Safety standards
  • Widely varied throughout the world (or non-existent) but are largely based on EU standards
  • EU standards are numerous and constricting; applications can be covered by multiple standards
  • End users and OEMs often refer tovendors to ensure their products adhere to the correct standards



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