Cloud & IoT Server Report - 2015

March 17, 2015  | Subscribers Only

Craig Stice Craig Stice Senior Principal Analyst, Storage
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Over the past two years the Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become mainstream technologies that are a poised to reshape the technology landscape, revolutionize business models and change the way enterprises compete with each other and interact with their consumers and value chains. The cloud has become a ubiquitous description for on-demand provisioning of data, storage, computing power and services that are touching nearly every consumer and enterprise across the globe.

The immense growth of cloud computing and increasing adoption of the Internet of Things are also reshaping the requirements of the server hardware, to where pure processing power is no longer the priority. This in turn is opening the door for a new generation of high efficiency servers and a new competitive landscape in white box vendors which are entering the market and competing for server market share. In the growing world of data centers and cloud build-out, servers must be efficient, use less power, and take up less space, all while meeting the specific workloads that the IoT requires.

This report will provide an indepth look at the Cloud, IoT, the growth in data being transmitted by these connected device within three major markets, and the impact within the server industry. Whether an OEM, ODM, or within the IT value supply chain, this report will help provide guidance to decissions such as strategic planning, marketing and competitive intelligence, business development, and IT spend.


Executive Summary

Findings and Implications

The Cloud

Internet of Thing (IoT)

Traffic Volume from the IoT




Server Market Trends & Forecasts

Server OEM Market Share

Major Server Components





Figures and Tables

Enterprise IT Spend

Cloud Server Shipments

Internet of Things

Automotive – Vehicle Centric

Automotive – Driver Centric

Industrial Automation

Video Surveillance

Medical Imaging

Non Clinical Imaging


Consumer Lifestyle Monitoring

Total Server

Micro Server

Blade Server

Modular Server

Server OEM Market Share

Enterprise HDD

Total HDD

PDU Revenue and Unit Growth

Server DRAM GB per Unit

Server Module Density  

Craig Stice

Senior Principal Analyst, Storage

Craig Stice is a senior principal analyst responsible for forecasting and analysis of the storage markets including solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). Prior to his work in the storage markets, Craig was an analyst covering compute electronics systems at IHS, which included the PC and server industries.

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