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New release feature film studio revenue increases by 2% in Q3 2014 - Updated data

January 19, 2015

Laura Aguilera Laura Aguilera Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms

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Updated data – US Video Intelligence

IHS has updated its new release movies on video database to include new data for Q3 2014. The updated tables represent data aggregated from the title-by-title research in IHS’ Video Titles Database. The Video Titles Database includes both theatrical and direct-to-video new release feature films in the United States.

Box office performance of the slate of video released in the third quarter reached $2.3 billion, up 15% from $2 billion in Q3 2013. However, the gain in box office spending did not translate into similar gains for the retail channel. Retail revenue for new release features on video increased by 4.8% to $524.1 million in Q3 2014, compared to $500 million net retail revenue in Q3 2013. Despite the year-on-year increase in retail revenue from new-release features, Q3 2014 was just 84% of Q3 2012 retail revenues.

Blu-ray growth was slow in the third quarter; retail units increased only 4% year-on-year. Retail shipments of Blu-ray (single-discs) increased by 36% whilst 3D Blu-ray disc shipments grew by 22%. However, these two BD disc formats only accounted for 30% of all new-release Blu-ray retail shipments. The majority of BD retail units that are shipped are part of a BD/DVD combo set that saw its first decline, 4.4%, in five consecutive quarters. Studios continue to experiment with pricing and bundling strategies on their biggest titles. For example Captain America: The Winter Soldier was not released in the popular BD/DVD combo set and may cause  a shift within consumer’s purchasing decision within Blu-ray disc format as well as a shift back to the DVD.

The following tables have been updated:

  • Video Slate Summary
  • Supplier Overview by Business Model
  • Overview by format | DVD, BD
  • Retail units by format | Retail revenues by format
  • Retail DVD
  • Retail Blu-ray Disc
  • Title Count by disc type | New release | By distributor | By Genre
  • Rental by format | DVD, BD
  • Retail revenues by genre | Genre share of retail revenues
  • Title Count by genre
  • Retail Overview by genre
  • Distributor Release Count
  • Distributor Units shipped | Net revenues

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