Fingerprint Sensors Handsets & Tablets Report - 2014

October 08, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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The first handsets with fingerprint sensors appeared 10 years ago in Japan. As for accelerometers and gyroscopes in 2007 and 2010, the market picked up when Apple added this sensor in its iPhone and later in the iPad. Samsung, Huawei and other OEMs rapidly followed and the market is currently exploding. IHS predicts that fingerprint sensor revenue will exceed that of motion sensors for handsets and tablets in 2020 with close to $1.75 billion.

This report analyses the drivers and use cases for fingerprint sensors in handsets and tablets. Pros and cons of the various implementations (e.g. swipe versus touch) and technologies (capacitance, electroluminescent film, touchscreen, ultrasound, thermal, piezo, and other biometric technologies) are reviewed. IHS provides a forecast through 2020 by sensor technology, by implementation and by OEM. This report also analyses historical market shares and the fast moving supplier landscape. In 2014, three suppliers make up for 98% of the market namely Authentec (part of Apple), Validity (part of Synaptics) and Fingerprint Cards AB, but another 14 companies are currently ramping-up or in R&D.

  • Introduction
  • Use cases and market drivers
    • Device and website log in
    • Authentication and mobile payments
    • Other use cases
  • Important considerations
    • Convenience versus security
    • Payments and Standardisation
    • Patent Landscape
    • Spoofing and Liveness detection
  • Implementation and challenges
    • Swipe
    • Touch
    • Touchscreen
  • Technologies
    • Capacitance (typically active capacitance)
    • Electroluminescent Film
    • Touchscreen
    • Ultrasound
    • Thermal
    • Piezoelectric
    • Camera
  • Suppliers  (17 company profiles)
    • Technology
    • Current products
    • Product pipeline
    • Partnerships (e.g. packaging, foundry…)
    • Customers
  • Other biometric approaches          
    • Iris
    • Eye/Periocular/face
    • Vein
    • Voice
  • Market analysis
    • Overall
    • By implementation
    • By end product
    • Samsung
    • Apple
    • Chinese OEMs
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