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Samsung SmartThings Acquisition Plans Confirmed – A Sign of More to Come?

August 18, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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On August 14th, Samsung’s expected acquisition of SmartThings was finally confirmed. Using its own hub and app, SmartThings seeks to unite a range of different connected devices, such as light switches, sensors and thermostats, from a variety of device vendors, to enable a unified ‘smart home’ experience.

According to a blog post by SmartThings CEO, Alex Hawkinson, the acquisition will see SmartThings operating as in independent company within Samsung’s Open Innovation Center group. At the same time it will leverage Samsung’s global scale to support all of the leading smartphone vendors, devices, and applications; expand its base of developers and enhance the tools and programs that they rely on; and help more people around the world easily control and monitor their homes using SmartThings.

Will the acquisition of smart home start-ups by big name consumer brands, such as Google’s acquisition of Nest and Dropcam, become increasingly commonplace? How else can companies enter the smart home market? What will this mean for industry considerations such as interoperability and widespread device vendor support? How does SmartThings’ pricing model compare to established smart home services?

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