Teardown - Google Glass XE-C

July 28, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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Teardown Highlights

  • Difficult to assess true costs with production volumes so limited!

  • Non material NRE / development costs far outweigh 'component costs'

  • Many fixed costs (tooling/NRE), etc. can drive 'per unit' totals high

  • LCOS Panel confirmed from Himax based on markings

  • OMAP4430 - Have samples in our database

  • 45nm process on OMAP - not the most cutting edge

  • Many handsets now w/ 28nm core processors = lower pwr consumption

  • Most IC content used here are really circa 2011/2012 parts

  • Google Glass proof of concept phase using 'off-the-shelf' components

  • Premium materials used for fit and finish (box contents, titanium…)

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Breakout of Type of Teardowns from IHS 2300+ teardown database

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