MEMS & Sensors for Wearables Report - 2014

September 30, 2014  | Subscribers Only

Jérémie Bouchaud Jérémie Bouchaud Senior Director, MEMS & Sensors
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Wearable electronics has rapidly emerged as the next big wave for MEMS & sensors in consumer electronics after smartphones and tablets. Accelerometers are already found in most wearable product devices today. The MEMS content in smart watches, activity monitors, smart glasses, etc., is rapidly increasing as these become a natural extension of smartphones. Gyroscopes, magnetometers, and pressure sensors contribute to an improved activity and context monitoring. Always on MEMS microphones, low-power MEMS displays and MEMS timing devices are also finding their way into wearable technology. Finally, new generations of sensors for environmental monitoring start improving our outdoor experience.

This report examines the use cases, penetration and ASP trends for sensors across all types of wearable electronics. The impact of the ecosytem on the adoption of sensors is assessed in depth e.g. the influence of dedicated operation systems and sensor hubs.

  • • Foreword
  • • Executive Summary
  • • Research Scope
  • • Sensor needs by key wearable device category
    • - Activity monitors
    • - Fitness & Heart Rate Monitors
    • - Sports and Outdoor Computers
    • - Footpods and pedometers
    • - Smart Watches
    • - Smart Glasses and Head-Mounted Displays
    • - Smart Earbuds and Headsets
    • - Wearable cameras
    • - Smart Clothing
    • - Other wearables
  • • MEMS & Sensor technology trends
    • - Accelerometer
    • - Magnetometer
    • - Gyroscope
    • - Air pressure sensor
    • - Light sensors
    • - Environmental sensors
    • - Heart rate sensors
    • - Health and medical sensors
  • • Technical challenges of sensors in Wearables
  • • Sensor hub market for wearables
  • • Wearable ecosystem
    • - Operating systems
    • - Third party sensor fusion and software algorithms providers
    • - Regulatory issue by FDA and European MD 

Jérémie Bouchaud

Senior Director, MEMS & Sensors

Jérémie Bouchaud is unique to the MEMS industry – his breadth of MEMS device and application knowledge is unmatched, particularly in terms of automotive, consumer markets and RF MEMS.

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