Compute Electronics Servers Report - 2014

May 15, 2014  | Subscribers Only

Craig Stice Craig Stice Senior Principal Analyst, Storage
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The server market is undergoing an incredible acceleration of innovation, driven by Cloud development and the explosion of connected devices or the Internet of Things (IoT), all resulting in server industry disruption with changing requirements, workloads, and customization.  There is a new breed of servers that have entered the market, the density optimized servers or micro-servers, which are being catered to meet the growing needs of the heterogeneous data centers and meet their growing demand from the connected devices.  Innovations and technology of these new servers are being introduced at a rapid pace.  Pure horse power is no longer the No.1 driver within the server industry.  Power has turned to the forefront of demands.  In the growing world of data centers and cloud build-out, servers must be efficient, use less power, and take up less space, all while meeting the specific workloads that the IoT requires.

The new breed of density optimized servers is the fastest growing form factor in the server industry.  Bringing with them new processor opportunities, including ARM core systems.   As well, the dense form factors are impacting the major components with the server such as HDD, SDD, PDU, and DRAM.

This report will provide a more in depth look at how cloud growth along with the explostion of connected devices are transforming server hardware in data centers and the impact to the server industry, as well as driving new trends in the major componets within.   Whether an OEM, ODM, or within the IT value supply chain, this report will help provide guidance to decisions such as strategic planning, marketing and competitive intelligence,  business development, and IT spend.

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Findings and Implications
  • The Cloud
  • What is the Internet of Everything
  • Worldwide Server Market Forecast
  • Servers: One Size Does Not Fit All
    • Micro Server
    • Blade Server
  • Server OEM Market Share
  • Major Server Components
    • HDD/SSD
    • PDU
    • DRAM
  • Conclusions

Craig Stice

Senior Principal Analyst, Storage

Craig Stice is a senior principal analyst responsible for forecasting and analysis of the storage markets including solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). Prior to his work in the storage markets, Craig was an analyst covering compute electronics systems at IHS, which included the PC and server industries.

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