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January 22, 2014  | Subscribers Only

Veronica Gonzalez-Thayer Veronica Gonzalez-Thayer Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices
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The TV Sets Market Tracker - Quarterly consists of a comprehensive, worldwide pivot database known as the TV Sets Market Tracker Database as well as 2 reports; the worldwide TV Sets Market Tracker Report and the TV Sets Market Tracker Report - US respectively, all delivered on a quarterly basis. The TV Market Tracker Database is delivered in two versions before being followed by the publication of both reports. The first deliverable is a historic pivot containing historics from Q1 2012 to the last quarter. The second deliverable is a forecast pivot with historics from Q1 2012 to the last quarter and forecasts from the current quarter to Q4 2019.

The metrics included in the TV Sets Market Tracker Database are shipments, revenues, ASPs, average screen size and shipment area across 8 regions globally. The designated regions are China, Eastern Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America and Western Europe as well as an Asia Pacific region, consisting of the rest of Asia Pacific excluding Japan and China. Inside the North America region there is a country split of all metrics between the US and Canada. All metrics in the database are further split by manufacturer, display, screen size, resolution, backlighting and refresh rates, viewable through a pivot table.  Tracked display formats include LCD TV, OLED TV, PDP TV and CRT TV while resolutions covered range across SD, HD, FHD and UHD TV formats. LCD TV data is also backlight split between CCFL and LED TVs, and by refresh rate from 60Hz to 240Hz.

The worldwide and TV Sets Market Tracker - US Reports on the other hand provide detailed analysis and visualisation on the trends across the 8 regions worldwide as well as the US, and the underlying factors driving their development. The reports are structured to fully complement the latest historics and forecasts from the TV Sets Market Tracker Database. Topics analysed include market share both globally and region split, as well as revenue and ASP developments and the effects of technological trends in the TV market.

Veronica Gonzalez-Thayer

Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices

Veronica Gonzalez-Thayer serves as Senior Analyst and Consulting Lead for Consumer Electronics at IHS Technology. She has more than 7 years of experience in market research and analysis.

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