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December 17, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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YouTube now has more than 1bn monthly users, two users per active broadband household globally. These users spend a vast amount of time on the service - in 2013 nearly five videos will be viewed per day per active monthly user.The video service now generates $3.6bn per year, by IHS estimates, and takes in as much as 40 per cent of global online video advertising revenue. But there are growth challenges facing the platform. YouTube's user growth has already passed its inflection point, and at end 2012, YouTube's monthly user base had reached nearly 80 per cent of the level of the global consumer broadband user base.Growth can no longer come predominantly from new users in developed markets, but must come from greater existing user engagement and improved ad sales. Opportunity also exists to target burgeoning mobile user growth in emerging markets, where fixed broadband and PC penetration is low.

Tables and charts included:
  • Online video service monthly users - 2012
  • YouTube users split by region - 2012
  • YouTube users by year 2005-2017
  • YouTube views per monthly user 2008-2013

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