A future for TV: The publisher as audience architect

December 19, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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How should publishers build an IP-delivered video advertising business? The answer used to be straightforward. With demand high and supply scarce, publishers needed to do little more than make inventory available. Publishers could thrive by selling bare inventory. This term denotes inventory 'as it is'; unsupported by a wider strategy of how to package it, enhance it, structure its availability. This paper explores why the idea of audience architects is particularly important in the context of IP-delivered video and provides a compass for publishers to adapt this new role. Specifically, it addresses the following points: (1) It sets out by highlighting why video advertising is an increasingly important revenue source for publishers. (2) The paper then explores how changes in video consumption and the rise of programmatic buying are the two macro-trends which inform publishers' efforts around data. (3) Lastly, the paper translates these macro-trends into specific factors that make a data strategy necessary and offers best practices recommendations for publishers' to evolve into audience architects.

Tables and charts included:
  • IP-delivered video advertising revenue and growth in Western Europe
  • IP-delivered video share of display in Western Europe
  • IP-delivered video share of display in 2013 in European Big 5 & US
  • Video-capable connected devices - Western Europe
  • RTL - H1 2013
  • M6 - H1 2013
  • ITV - 2012
  • Ad-load per stream (# adverts)
  • IP-delivered video adverting revenue in Western Europe
  • IP-delivered video advertising revenue in the US
  • Publisher type table
  • Millions of users by service (m)

Pages: 16

Tables and charts: 12

Western Europe
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