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March 27, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Luca De Ambroggi Luca De Ambroggi Senior Research Director, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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With a compelling need for Automotive safety systems driven by automakers for reducing the number of road accidents and also promoted by NCAP ratings since early 2013, the semiconductor technology for ADAS is on the rise.

Multi-function driver assistance systems in mid-range and luxury car brands are pushing forward for remarkable integration trends on semiconductor and sensor level. With a successful penetration rate of ADAS in economy cars, the growth rate for semiconductor market is predicted to grow strongly in the next couple of years.

This market tracker gives a comprehensive analysis of different types of ADAS architecture implementation based on discrete or integrated solutions. Key developments in ADAS applications, corresponding technology trends in ADAS semiconductor and sensor, market share of semiconductor and its supply chain are addressed in this report.

Key Issues Addressed

  • ADAS architecture implementation strategy.
    • Modular or Integrated
    • Based on car segment
  • Challenges faced for development of Autonomous driving systems, V2V & V2I systems.
  • Challenges faced for efficient data processing
  • Mono vs Stereo camera modules – Is this solution cost-effective?
  • Average number of sensors per car for Multi-function systems.
  • Implementation of Advanced Emergency Braking effective with just one sensor?
  • Evolution of sensor technologies for 3D scanning?
  • Safety critical standards of ADAS semiconductor (passive warning vs active control systems)
  • Current & future mandates and regulations e.g. NCAP
  • Market share of semiconductor & sensors

Applicable To

  • OEMs
  • Tier-1, Tier-2
  • Semiconductor Suppliers
  • Semiconductor Foundries

Luca De Ambroggi

Senior Research Director, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Luca is leading the research and analysis for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions within the Transformative Technology team at IHS Markit. Under his guidance, his team offers insights, data and strategical assistance to companies, in their effort to develop individual growth strategies, market-entry plans and competitive analysis in the disruptive world of Artificial Intelligence.

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