Hazardous Area Equipment - EMEA - 2013

January 31, 2013  | Subscribers Only

John Morse John Morse Senior Analyst, Discrete & Process Automation

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This report is being produced in co-operation with the industry leading journal “HazardEx” and will provide executives and managers with an in-depth review of the EMEA market for equipment approved for use in hazardous environments. The report will quantify the market in terms of manufacturer revenues and where relevant, unit shipments and average selling prices.

Market segmentations by country or sub-region and industrial sector will be presented. Estimated market shares of the leading manufacturers of the product groups considered in the analysis, will also be provided.

The base year will be 2011 with estimates for 2012 and a forecast for 2013 to 2016. Data for the report will be gathered from many sources including interviews with manufacturers, distributors, third party suppliers, industry journals and associations.

The report will also provide a detailed discussion on the key market drivers; including approval specifications such as IECEx, ATEX and UL. A summary of the key differences between the market in EMEA and other regions of the world will be included in the report.

The report will endeavor to answer key questions about this market. For example:

  • What was the estimated total market size for hazardous area equipment by product type in 2011? What is the forecast for the years 2012 to 2016?
  • For each equipment type, what were the largest regional and vertical markets in 2011? How is this likely to have changed by 2016?
  • What is the current status of legislation pertaining to hazardous area equipment? What legislation is likely to be introduced within the next 5 years?
  • What are the main market drivers and how might they affect growth?
  • Which companies were the leading suppliers to the market for each of the product groups? What were the estimated market shares in 2011?

Executive Summary

Chapter One - Introduction, Scope & Research Method

1.0          Introduction

1.1          Scope

1.2          Market Segmentations and Definitions

1.2.1       Product Definition

1.2.2       Industry Definitions

1.2.3       Geographic Scope

1.2.4       Zone Certification

1.3          Report Content

1.4          Research Method and Information Sources

1.4.1       Point of Measurement for Market Value

1.4.2       Report Production Method

1.4.3       Base Year Analysis

1.4.4       Forecasting Method

Chapter Two - Technical Summary

2.0          Introduction

2.1          ATEX Legislation

2.2          IECEx International Certification System

2.3          References

Chapter Three - Market Statistics & Trends

3.0          Introduction

3.1          Factors Affecting Growth of Hazardous Area Equipment

3.1.1       Economic Factors

3.1.2       Legislation

3.1.3       Responsibility      

3.2          The Forecast

3.3          Pricing   

3.4          The Market by Product

3.4.1       Barrier Products

John Morse

Senior Analyst, Discrete & Process Automation

John Morse is a senior analyst with the company’s industrial & medical technology group. John specializes in industrial communications and machine vision. As such, he has been...

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