Industrial Automation Equipment Market Tracker

March 28, 2014  | Subscribers Only

Jenalea Howell Jenalea Howell Associate Director, Motor Control & Switchgear
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In-depth quarterly market tracker that provides comprehensive evaluation of the global Industrial Automation Equipment market. The market tracker includes a detailed overview of the major equipment markets within this sector for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), the Americas, and Asia. IHS has been producing data on these markets for over twenty years and through the market tracker annual forecasts will be provided quarterly on forty- seven different equipment types. Furthermore, the Industrial Automation Equipment report will include industry sector and sales channel analyses. In addition, the report includes a comparison of revenue growth in the industrial equipment market with key underlying growth factors such as global machinery production data and real GDP. Finally, market shares for leading vendors in the major equipment markets will be presented. 

Jenalea Howell

Associate Director, Motor Control & Switchgear

Jenalea Howell is an associate director of IHS’s motor controls & switchgear group. The group’s coverage includes low voltage AC and DC motor drives, medium voltage drives, stepper systems, integrated motors, and GMC and CNC motion control including servo motors, servo drives, position control hardware, and switchgear products.