European satellite pay TV: Q4 2012

May 31, 2013  | Subscribers Only

Guy Bisson Guy Bisson Senior Director, Television Media

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Tracking the major satellite pay TV operators in Europe and benchmarking their performance in the final quarter of 2012 it is evident that a number of markets remain extremely challenging for pay TV overall. While on a region basis, satellite pay TV and pay TV as a whole continues to grow (with the exception of Scandinavia were cord-cutting now seems evident), there were marked declines in several countries. On-going economic woes and the strength of DTT in some markets all had an impact.

Tables and charts included:

  • European satellite subscribers (main operators);Quarterly subscriber growth (operators over 3m subscribers);Quarterly subscriber growth (operators under 3m subscribers);European HD pay household development;HDTV subscribers by operator (main operators);HDTV penetration of total subscriber base (main operators);Quarterly OPEX trend (main operators);Quarterly revenue development (main operators);EBITDA Q4 2012 and Change (against a year earlier);ARPU trend (Monthly);BSkyB: key metrics;UK: quarterly subscriber trend;UK: HDTV development;Canal Satellite: key metrics;France: quarterly subscriber trend;France: HDTV development;Sky Italia: key metrics;Italy: quarterly subscriber trend;Italy: HDTV development;Sky Deutschland: key metrics;Germany: quarterly subscriber trend;Germany: HDTV development;Spain: quarterly subscriber trend;Spain: HDTV development;Zon Multimedia: key metrics;Portugal: quarterly subscriber trend;Portugal: HDTV development;Cyfrowy Polsat: key metrics;Poland: quarterly subscriber trend;Poland: HDTV development;Viasat: key metrics;Scandinavia: quarterly subscriber trend;Scandinavia: HDTV development;European pay satellite trends;European cable subscriber trends;European IPTV subscriber trends

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Guy Bisson

Senior Director, Television Media

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