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PEVE Event Delivers End-to-End Coverage of Home Entertainment Business—From Top Executives to Everyday Consumers

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To succeed in today’s highly complex and fast-changing home entertainment market, companies need a broad understanding of issues, ranging from high-level business strategies, down to consumer views and attitudes. That’s why IHS is hosting the PEVE Entertainment 2013 Conference, a one-of-a-kind event that combines presentations from top media executives and experts with insights from actual consumers.

The conference will take place at the British Museum located in the heart of Bloomsbury, London, on April 16 through 17.

“The home entertainment video market is being reshaped by revolutionary changes wrought by the rise of online digital media,” said Ben Keen, chief analyst and senior director for consumer, media, and communications research at IHS. “These changes affect everything, from company strategies to consumer buying preferences. PEVE is a unique event where a broad range of individuals come together to discuss how these events are impacting their lives and businesses.”

Top-level view
PEVE will feature a fireside chat with Josh Berger, U.K. president and managing director at Warner Bros.; and Adam Dawtrey, European editor of Variety. Berger and Dawtrey will offer a look from the studio perspective at how the various revenue streams are shaping the home entertainment business today and tomorrow.

Another fireside chat will be delivered by Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies and Sky Box Office at BSkyB.

Lewis will provide an overview of Sky Movies strategy, outlining how Sky is bringing together what it deems as the best content and innovation for its customers. 

Consumer insight
Back by popular demand, two live consumer panel sessions will take place on each day of the conference. Two different age groups, 18-year-olds and 50-year-olds, will provide the PEVE audience with insight into their entertainment choices. Discussions will be built around where they want to consume and why they choose these options. The panels will provide detailed knowledge about how to target these consumers.

Panel discussion
PEVE also will feature panel discussion sessions covering key issues in the home entertainment business.

A panel session entitled “Different Strokes” will examine the way that content distributors from the different entertainment categories of music, video, games and books address retail customers and end consumers to learn which approaches work and which don’t.

Another session, dubbed “Entertainment Innovation: The Dragons Den,” will feature a discussion on how many of the entertainment formats available to consumers now are considered old, even for newer platforms such as Blu-ray or digital downloads. This session looks at ways to put some new energy into existing formats.

Analyst expertise
Also highlighting the PEVE event will be presentations and session moderations delivered by top IHS experts, including:

  • Jonathan Gear, senior vice president, electronics and commercial management
  • Ben Keen, chief analyst and senior director, consumer, media, and communications  research
  • Chris Christopher, director, global and U.S. consumer markets economics research
  • Richard Cooper, principal analyst, video research
  • Ian Fogg, senior principal analyst, head of mobile research
  • Tom Morrod, senior principal analyst, TV and broadcast technology research
  • Guy Bisson, research director, television research
  • Dan Cryan, research director, digital media research

The registration fee for the PEVE Entertainment 2013 Conference is priced at £860 plus value-added tax. A group discount of 20 percent is applicable when four or more delegates from the same company register together via the online registration form.

Press registration is free.

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