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March 14, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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Inventory held at the various nodes throughout the electronics supply chain can either be a positive or a negative for a company – finding the balance to meet current and future demand  while maintaining profitability is the goal.  Too much inventory can result in write-downs, while too little inventory can lead to missed revenue opportunities.  The Supply Chain Inventory Intelligence Service offers managers the analysis of inventory levels they need to make critical business decisions for their company.

The quarterly Supply Chain Inventory Tracker database summarizes inventory values in US$M and Days of Inventory at more than 100 companies representing 14 segments in the electronics supply chain—from semiconductor foundries and distributors, through major end consumers of semiconductor chips, which includes PCs and handsets. Total semiconductor inventory reflects semiconductor device manufacturers in aggregate. All segments are modeled to align with the IHS Application Market Forecast Tool (AMFT). In each tracker, IHS describes and identifies trends in both days of inventory and inventory dollars, with accompanying charts and graphs available in the TRAX tool.

The monthly Supply Chain Inventory Brief provides commentary regarding relevant topics affecting the semiconductor/ electronics supply chain, including quarterly earnings calls of key manufacturers, or a discussion of major trends in the electronics industry and the inventory implications (e.g. major new product introductions, overages, shortages, disruptions in the supply chain,  etc.).  Topics are given special attention and provide unique analysis, with additional charts provided in addition to those in the quarterly database.

Key Issues Addressed

  •  What are the inventory trends for key nodes in the electronics supply chain? 
  •  How do inventory levels and days of inventory differ among various nodes in the supply chain?
  •  What areas of the supply chain are better/worse off than others?
  •  What factors are driving inventory trends?
  •  What level of inventory is “normal”? 
  •  Should I reduce/boost utilization?
  •  Are orders going to be fulfilled on time?

Applicable To

  • All Semiconductor Supply Chain: C-level Strategists, Procurement, Marketing, Operations, Sales

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