China Export Market Tracker - March 2013

China Export Market Slow in January

China Export Market Tracker  |  March 14, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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This report series, issued monthly, not only provides export shipment figures of major electronic
products such as handsets, PCs, and LCD-TVs, but also gives a view of the current situation and
of future changes. In addition, the extensive database provides the monthly shipment volume of
leading manufacturers in China.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Who are the leading electronics manufacturers in China?
  • What is their monthly export shipment volume each month?
  • How large is the export market for major electronics products in China?
  • Which companies are increasing or decreasing production in China?
  • Which OEMs are adjusting channel inventory?
  • Who are the leading EMS and ODMs in China and how have they performed in the past twelve months?

Applicable To

  • Semiconductor Suppliers and Distributors: Marketing & Sales, Market intelligence, Business development
  • Electronics OEMs: Corporate strategy, Marketing
  • Fabs, Fabless or Design House: Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Community: Equity Analysts

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Daniel Yang

Senior Analyst, China Research

Daniel is a highly experienced electronics industry analyst. He is mainly responsible for covering China's fast-growing semiconductor manufacturing and design industry, including...

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Will Kong

Industry Analyst, China Research

At iSuppli, Will is responsible for the study and research on China’s wireless communication market and analyzes domestic Chinese OEMs. He also provides innovative ideas and marketing support...

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Alex Liu


At IHS, Alex is responsible for the analysis on China's MOSFET, IGBT, LED and PWM market. He will also cover the research on the energy saving application market. Prior to joining IHS, Alex...

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Horse Liu

Principal Analyst, Connected Home

Horse Liu is responsible for connected home research out of China, specializing on set-top boxes and operator devices. A veteran of electronics sales and marketing, Horse has researched a...

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Loren Zhao

Industry Analyst, China Research

Loren is the industry analyst of iSuppli China Research. He is responsible for the research and analysis of China’s wireline telecommunication market including broadband access networks, next...

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Julia Zhu

Analyst, Industrial Electronics

At IHS, Julia Zhu is responsible for the analysis of China’s industrial electronics market, including the country’s medical electronics business, its security and smart-meter sectors, and its automotive...

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Isaac Wang

Senior Analyst, China Research

At IHS, Isaac is responsible for the research and analysis of the automotive, industrial, medical, and electronics contract manufacturing markets in China. He also assists in the China Application Market Forecast Tool in these areas.
Prior to joining IHS, Isaac worked for STMicroelectronics as a sales engineer...

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Kevin Wang

Director, Semiconductor Value Chain and Mobile Devices & Networks

Kevin Wang is responsible for managing IHS electronics research in China, including creating and implementing industry surveys, evaluating the impact of market factors, building long and...

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Vincent Gu

Principal Analyst, Semiconductor Value Chain

Vincent Gu is responsible for research on foundries, fabless firms, IDMs, assembly and test markets in China. He also studies China's digital television ICs market and assists with the...

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Hailin Zhao

Analyst, Operators

Hailin Zhao is responsible for the analysis on China's telecommunication equipment market. Prior to joining IHS, Hailin worked as a senior analyst in the marketing intelligence department at...

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Elaine Zhi

Analyst, Semiconductor Value Chain

Elaine Zhi joined IHS in 2009 and is responsible for the research and analysis on the China PC market. She also assists with the China Export Market Tracker. Elaine earned her Bachelor of Arts...

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