LED Driver ICs - World - 2013

April 15, 2013  | Subscribers Only

Stephanie Pruitt Stephanie Pruitt Analyst, LEDs and Lighting

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This report provides in-depth information on all areas of the LED driver ICs market. We speak with the majority of the top suppliers to get the most detailed understanding of the market. Top regions and applications (including Automotive, Mobile, Lighting, Consumer and Computer and Office) are broken out by revenues, unit shipments and average selling prices. Each top application is then split further to provide more depth and understanding of the market.

The new edition includes several key features:

  • A 2012 market share for total LED driver IC revenues.
  • Further breakouts in the Lighting section including MR16 and A Lamp, as well as Dimmable and Non-Dimmable.
  • Further breakouts in the Automotive section.
  • Market estimates for 2012 and forecasts through to 2018 from speaking with top suppliers and new entrants.

Executive Summary
Chapter 1 – Introduction, Scope and Methodology

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.1.1 New Analyses
1.1.2 Product Definitions
1.1.3 Regional Splits
1.1.4 Application Areas
1.1.5 Sectors
1.2 Methodology
1.2.1 Information Sources
1.2.2 Forecasting Method
1.3 Exchange Rates

Chapter 2 – Total Market Overview
2.0 Introduction
2.1 LED Market Overview
2.2 LED Driver IC Product Overview
2.3 Key Market Trends
2.4 LED Driver IC Market Overview
2.4.1 Average Selling Prices
2.5 Market by Type of LED Driver IC
2.5.1 Product Type
2.5.2 Application Type
2.5.3 LED Colour
2.5.4 By Power
2.6 Market by Sector
2.6.1 Total Market by Sector
2.6.2 White LEDs by Sector
2.6.3 Backlighting by Sector
2.6.4 Illumination by Sector
2.7 Ma

Chapter 3 – Application Overviewrket by Region
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Automotive
3.1.1 Interior
3.1.2 Exterior
3.2 Mobile Telecommunications
3.2.1 Backlighting
3.2.2 Camera Flash
3.2.3 Integrated/LMIC
3.2.4 Product Type
3.3 Computer & Office Equipment
3.3.1 Desktop PCs & Monitors
3.3.2 Notebooks (Including Netbooks)
3.3.3 Tablets
3.3.4 Office Equipment
3.4 Consumer
3.4.1 TVs
3.4.2 Other Consumer Applications
3.5 Lighting
3.5.1 Lighting by Application
3.5.2 Lamps by Lamp Type
3.5.3 Lamps by Dimming Capability
3.5.4 Lamps by LED Driver IC Current Type
3.5.5 Lighting by Current
3.6 Signage
3.6.1 Channel Letters
3.6.2 Traffic Lights/Signs/Signals
3.6.3 Video Walls
3.7 Other Applications
3.7.1 LED Drivers in LCD Displays

Chapter 4 – Competitive Environment, Variance and Risk
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Competitive Environment
4.1.1 Structure of Supply
4.1.2 External Competition for LEDs
4.1.3 Competition for LED Driver ICs
4.2 Supplier Shares
4.3 Variance
4.4 Risk

Appendix – List of Tables and Figures

Stephanie Pruitt

Analyst, LEDs and Lighting

Stephanie Pruitt is focused on lighting, especially lamps, and also works on our LED driver IC report at IHS. Stephanie is based in the Wellingborough, UK office currently, but is from the US. She...

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Lighting & LEDs