Motion Sensors for Handsets & Tablets Report - 2014

China carries the motion sensor market for handsets and tablets

February 06, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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This comprehensive report examines this very dynamic market and fast changing market from various angles.  The accompanying XLS database provides a unique map of who supplies who with specific units and value from 15 motion sensor suppliers to more than 20 OEMs.  The driving applications beyond auto-screen rotation and gaming are analyzed for instance Optical Image Stabilization and Indoor Navigation.  The shift from discrete sensors to combo sensors and its impact on the price and the supply chain is addressed in detail.  These shifts in the sensor supply for 2013 and 2014 are assessed.  The report examines as well the entire ecosystem from the OEM through the OS, sensor hub suppliers, sensor fusion software suppliers, and sensor suppliers.

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis
    • End product shipment for handsets and tablets
    • Market by function
    • Market by sensor
  • Applications
    • Compelling applications as the key to compelling profits
    • Optical image stabilisation
    • Indoor navigation
  • Suppliers and the Supply Chain
    • Top suppliers, Newcomers to watch, Other potential contenders
    • Top consumers for handsets and tablets
  • Supply and demand in China
    • Chinese smartphone landscape
    • Stabilisation of China's motion sensor market share
    • The decline of the Chinese Gray handset segment
    • The Chinese motion sensor landscape
    • Demand by sensor type
    • Winners from the Chinese market
    • Sensor supply structure of the Chinese market
    • Local motion sensor suppliers
    • Building the future of Chinese sensor suppliers
  • Sensor Hubs and Sensor Processing
    • Introduction
    • Sensor processing: sensor fusion
    • Sensor hubs: MCU as a dedicated sensor hub, Application processor based sensor hub, Sensor integrated sensor hub, FPGA based sensor hub, GPS chipset based sensor hub
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