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April 05, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Jamie Fox Jamie Fox Principal Analyst, LEDs & Lighting
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The one "must buy "tracker in the LED industry, providing extensive details on LED supply, demand by application and die size, MOCVD shipments and share, LED and MOCVD supply/demand.

Supply is quantified by determining how many MOCVD tools of each model and wafer size are shipping to each LED manufacturer which enables us to determine wafer capacity, die capacity and binned die capacity by region and LED manufacturer. LED manufacturers are surveyed on their future installations which is how we forecast the next year’s MOCVD shipments. Longer term, MOCVD shipments are determined by how many tools are necessary to meet demand.

LED demand is determined by surveying panel suppliers, lamp manufacturers and other users of LEDs on a quarterly basis. LED demand is determined by die size at every application and units, ASPs and revenues are provided by application. Total panel shipments, LED panel shipments, # of LEDs per panel and total LED consumption by panel supplier is provided at every size and resolution. LED supply is expressed in the same ratio by die size as demand allowing us to determine LED supply and demand on an apples to apples basis. The report also tracks and forecasts LED pricing by die size/application as well as MOCVD pricing.

Key Benefits:

  • Detailed coverage of the MOCVD market featuring historical units, revenues, ASPs and share by supplier, region, wafer size and model.
  • Rolling 4-quarter forecast of MOCVD shipments by region, customer and wafer size through surveys by local personnel.
  • Exhaustive examination of >70 LED manufacturers’ capacity expressed in 2” equivalents, 4” equivalents, area, actual wafers, die capacity, yielded die capacity and binned die capacity.
  • Provides quarterly LCD shipments by panel supplier, application, size, resolution, refresh rate and backlight type along with # of LEDs per panel.
  • Provides forecasts for all LED applications including backlighting, lighting, automotive, signage and more.
  • Includes historical and forecasted LED pricing by die size/package/application.
  • Provides tier 1 and average yields and bin rates by application.
  • Only industry view of LED and MOCVD supply/demand on an apples to apples basis.

Deliverables: A PowerPoint file (290 slides per quarter) with Excel Pivot Tables

Jamie Fox

Principal Analyst, LEDs & Lighting

Jamie Fox is a principal analyst and is focused on the markets for LEDs and other optoelectronic components. Based in the UK, he is the lead analyst for...

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