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January 18, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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Image sensor suppliers continue to penetrate the market and see opportunities within new emerging markets as image capture expands into more consumer electronic devices and emerging end devices. 
Key Issues
  • What are the market sizes and forecasts for image sensors?
  • What is the future of CCD technology in the face of competition from CMOS image sensors?
  • What are the various trends in cameras used in mobile handsets?
  • What are the market shares by manufacturer by application?
  • How fast is the PC industry moving to videoconferencing? 
  • How quickly is the automotive industry incorporating cameras?
  • How are mobile handsets rivaling DSCs?
  • What are the current trends in the overall image sensor market?
Applicable To
  • Marketing and Product Managers, Market Analysts, and Executives: Semiconductor Suppliers, OEMs, EMS and ODM Companies, Service Providers, Trade Associations
  • Financial Institutions: Banks, Securities Firms, Venture Capitalists

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