Semiconductor Silicon Demand Forecast Tool

February 01, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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The Semiconductor Silicon Demand Forecast Tool translates technology migration data into silicon demands. This easy-to-use database tool will provide users with an overall view for silicon demands by technology - Memory, Logic, Analog, Discrete, Microcomponents, as well as by wafer size -- 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 300mm. In order to enhance planning, users will be able to adjust the rate of technology transition cycles, which will provide the added feature of identifying best case and worst case scenarios.

IHS will update this tool on a quarterly basis, as it adjusts all of its application forecasts, giving the user visibility by year through 2016.

Key Issues Addressed

  • How much silicon will be required to support 300 mm manufacturing operations?
  • How much silicon will be used for mature technologies?
  • As the industry goes through its cycles of rapid growth followed by periods of slowing, what applications will continue to demand increased silicon capacity?
  • What will the impact of technology transitions be for silicon manufacturers?
  • What market applications are driving silicon consumption?
  • What will be the impact of technology transitions for the equipment and material suppliers?

Applicable To

  • Strategic Manufacturing Managers: Managers in charge of expanding capacity for IDM’s and foundries, Managers responsible for purchasing equipment for IDM’s and foundries, Controllers forecasting capital expenditures, Planners determining if wafer technology transitions will obsolete mature wafer sizes
  • Material Suppliers
  • Equipment Manufacturers

Planned 2018 enhancements

  • Addition of the Semiconductor Silicon Forecast Tracker. The Excel file and written analysis will provide a long-term view of silicon demand by both technology and wafer size.

Reflects actuals Q4 2018 & forecast through 2022
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Len Jelinek

Senior Director, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Len Jelinek has focused his research on capacity management and technology transitions within the semiconductor industry. He works with clients to access individual corporate strategies that may be impacted by additional wafer manufacturing capacity in China as well as other global locations.

Chris Welch

Principal Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chris works as a principal analyst within the semiconductor research group at IHS Markit. Chris conducts research and analysis on the global semiconductor manufacturing industry focusing on feature size migrations and wafer capacity for IDM (Independent Device Manufacturers). Additionally, he monitors and reports on raw silicon manufacturers and global supply trends and threats.

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