Global OEM Manufacturing and Design Report - Networking - 2012

Networking OEMs’ Consolidation Efforts Impact EMS Providers

January 24, 2013  | Subscribers Only

Jeffrey Wu Senior Analyst, OEM

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The router industry experienced contraction as a result of the worst recession in decades which devastated the world economy in 2008. Companies cut their investments and curtailed corporate spending causing router shipments to contract by more than 8% within the year. During the last two years, as the economy undergoes a fragile recovery, the router market resumed its growth in 2011 as carriers and service providers increased their capital expenditure to upgrade and replace routers to accommodate the end-market demand...

Key Issues

  • Who designs for an OEM? What roles do these design houses play in an OEM’s product development process?   Their locations and capabilities?
  • Who builds for an OEM?  Where do these contract manufacturers build? What are the share splits of these contract manufacturers for an OEM?
  • What are the key outsourcing strategies of leading OEMs? 
  • How do these outsourcing strategies dictate the design and manufacturing relationships across the supply chain? What are the outsourcing trends?
  • How might the evolution of contract manufacturers impact OEMs and component suppliers?
Applicable To
  • Component Suppliers
  • OEMs
  • EMS Providers
  • ODMs
  • Independent Design Houses
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Frequency
    • Annual Update
    • 5-Year Period
  • Measures
    • Units
    • Percentages
  • Sectors Covered
    • OEM
    • EMS
    • ODM

Sample Table of Contents
Findings and Implications
Industry Overview
Major Players
Trends Analysis

  • Technology
  • Markets
  • Outsourced Design
  • Outsourced Manufacturing

Analysis of OEMs

  • Design Profile
  • In-house Design Centers
  • Design Partners
  • Manufacturing Profile
  • In-house Facilities / Footprint
  • Manufacturing Partners (EMS, ODM)
  • Share Splits
  • Design and Manufacturing Outlook

OEM Benchmarking

  • Design Strategies
  • Manufacturing Forecast
  • Outsourcing Strategies

Analysis of Contract Manufacturers

  • Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Design Profiles
  • Design centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities / Capacity
  • Customers & Shipment Breakdown

Contract Manufacturer Benchmarking

  • Manufacturing Rankings
  • Manufacturing Footprint

Figures & Charts

  • Industry Growth
  • OEM Rankings
  • Design Forecast (where applicable)
  • Manufacturing Forecast
  • Manufacturing Profiles (in-house vs. EMS / ODM)
  • Design Profiles
  • OEM Manufacturing Footprint by Region
  • OEM-EMS-ODM Relationships Maps
  • OEM Strategy Diagram
  • Contract Manufacturer Footprint and Capacity
  • Contract Manufacturer Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Contract Manufacturer capacity estimates
  • Top Manufacturers Rankings

Jeffrey Wu

Senior Analyst, OEM

Jeffrey Wu is responsible for the analysis and projection of the trends and dynamics of the electronics contract manufacturing industry. Prior to joining the company, Wu worked for leading technology companies including BenQ and Dell, where his main responsibilities included channel management, product management, and OEM project management.

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Research Area
Outsourced Manufacturing