Design Forecast Tool - Mobile Handsets - H2 2012

Mobile Handset Designs: LTE and Smartphones Take Center Stage in 2013

Design Forecast Tool - Mobile Handsets  |  January 17, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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The IHS Design Forecast Tool is an Excel-based program that enables operators, handset brands, technology suppliers, content providers, and investors to intelligently plot opportunities and accurately assess the challenging competitive landscape of the mobile handset market. The dataset includes forecasts of shipment volumes (by feature), model introductions (by feature), and model design starts for the Top 27 brands that collectively account for 93% of the global market. Actual market data is used, and the forecast horizon extends to 2017. Design-chain relationships for each brand are also presented, along with information highlighting the leading independent influencers of handset design…

Design Forecast Tool - Mobile Handsets - H1 2012

Mobile Handsets: Apple and Samsung Consolidating Market Leadership