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January 16, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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The MEMS industry will soon need new killer applications in order to maintain what has been notable double-digit growth, especially after expansion starts slowing in the key consumer-mobile and automotive segments.

But what is in the pipeline? A few products provide a tantalizing look into the promising possibilities ahead, even though few things are certain at this point.

The MEMS Market Tracker answers these questions by providing 5-year annual and 2-year rolling half-year forecasts for the worldwide MEMS market, convering MEMS sensors, actuators, micro-fluidics and substrates in the data processing, wired and wireless communications, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace & defense sectors. 

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the new killer applications?
  • What are MEMS shipments and revenue growth projections moving forward?
  • Which are the top MEMS suppliers, and what is each one’s area of specialization?
  • What price erosion can be expected for established applications like inkjets, DLP chips, and pressure sensors?
  • What is the market by product in terms of wafers?
  • What is the share of market for each MEMS sensor product and application?

Applicable To

  • MEMS Component Manufacturers: Marketing, Executives
  • MEMS Foundries: Marketing
  • Equipment for MEMS and Semiconductor Manufacturers, Packaging and Testing
  • Sales, Marketing

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Findings and Implications
    • Main changes in the forecast from Q3 2012
  • Market Update and Outlook
    • Market for MEMS Devices
    • Market by Application
    • Key Players
  • Appendix A: Definitions (Products, Applications, Regions)
  • Appendix B: Research Methodology
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Jérémie Bouchaud

Senior Director, MEMS & Sensors

Jérémie Bouchaud is unique to the MEMS industry – his breadth of MEMS device and application knowledge is unmatched, particularly in terms of automotive, consumer markets and RF MEMS.

Richard Dixon, PhD

Principal Analyst, MEMS & Sensors

Richard Dixon is a principal analyst for MEMS and author of more than 50 MEMS-related consulting and market research studies. He is a world-renowned expert on automotive MEMS and...

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