Mobile and Embedded Memory Market Tracker - Q4 2012

Stirred, not Shaken: Mobile Handsets Drive Innovation in Flash Solutions

Mobile and Embedded Memory Market Tracker  |  December 11, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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The mobile application segment has been the engine for overall memory in the last few years now and it continues to shape and define the success of suppliers participating in the memory market. With change brings opportunities. This report focuses on the embedded aspect of NAND, which is mainly in the mobile segment while NOR is covered in its entirety. Mobile handsets remains one of the fastest growing consumer electronic devices and specifically smart phones now consumes significant portions of NAND as it expands beyond low density MCP-based products to high density eMMC to meet the insatiable storage demands…

Key Issues

  • What’s the future of the NOR flash market?
  • How is the market for Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) NOR flash evolving?
  • What are the memory trends in mobile handsets?
  • What is the forecast for NOR vs NAND handset growth?
  • What are the supplier rankings for NOR and NAND?
Applicable To
  • Semiconductor Suppliers Targeting Handsets and Embedded Applications: Sourcing
  • Wireless and Consumer Products Manufacturers: Procurement, Cost Evaluation
  • Memory Suppliers/Distributors: Marketing, Planning
  • Financial Community

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Michael Yang

Senior Director, Memory & Storage

Michael Yang is responsible for research in the areas of mobile flash memory and storage solutions, including both solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). Prior to IHS, Yang...

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Clifford Leimbach

Analyst, Memory & Storage

Clifford is responsible for providing research, analysis, and forecasting of DRAM and Flash memory from the demand side. His duties also include analyzing the DRAM upgrade module. Clifford holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from...

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Dee Robinson

Senior Analyst, Memory & Storage

At IHS, Dee Robinson is responsible for research on the NAND supply chain, application analysis, and memory capex. She tracks the cost and financial performance of memory companies...

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