Wireless Communications Report - RF Components - 2012

4G LTE Smartphones: To Integrate or Not To Integrate—That is the Question?

December 07, 2012  | Subscribers Only

Brad Shaffer Brad Shaffer Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks

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The wireless handset RF front end has seen trends in integration during the past few years and more change is yet to come. While the onset of long-term evolution (LTE) will be a driving force in the RF components market, other factors will play important roles as well. In the next few years, smartphones are anticipated to grow in handset market share while feature phones decline, this trend is further underscored by a decrease in 2G handset shipments. The market share of 2G handsets is set to decline from almost 60% in 2010 to just over...

Brad Shaffer

Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks

Brad Shaffer works as a research analyst for the telecommunications team. Brad conducts research and analysis on the RF components market and continually tracks the competitive...

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